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Choosing new premises for its company, the decision maker is faced with many questions such as:

  • Which geographical location is right for the company and the employees?
  • How should the business be organized and hvat role thos this play for space consumption?
  • Whant envorinmental requirements sould be set for the landlord?
  • What technical requirements can the we expect in a timely bulkiding regaring ventilation/cooling, power/lighting/digital communication, choise of materials, fleksibility etc.?
  • What is the correct level of rent?
  • WHat should a balanced lease contract look like?

When entering into lease contracts, companies face professional landlords and their advisors/brokers at the other side of the tabel. First Mover Group is the tenants advisor.

We ensure that our clients receive the best possible lease agreement with regard to technical spesifications, size, cammercial and legal terms.

This is achieved through a structured process withch  includes:

  • Needs analysis
  • Demographic analuysis
  • Preparations of requrements specification and floor plan
  • Market mapping of alternatives
  • Compilation of relevant alternatives
  • Negotiations
  • Technical, commercial and legal quality assurance of lease agreement

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