About us

First Mover Group is the only company in Scandinavia that offers an end-to-end concept, from when you decide to relocate to moving into your new premises – and we smoothly manage your departure from your old premises too. First Mover Group assists our clients with property searches, analysing work methods, designing and developing the workplace concept, construction management, project procurement and project control. First Mover Group plans and executes the physical part of the project and ensures that your company experiences the least possible downtime in terms of both production and administration.


Quality and good service are the stand-out features of all our deliverables and services. This is reflected in our values: Professional, Together and Ahead.Our clients perceive First Mover Group as courteous, reliable, professional and dynamic experts, who they can trust to solve any problems that may arise.As the largest player in the industry we have a duty to contribute the environment and local communities. First Mover Group always strives to achieve the most eco-friendly operations and consumption, and we are certified under the Eco-Lighthouse environmental scheme, and a member of the Grønt Punkt recycling scheme.